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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmasing with you.

Mele Belated Kalikimaka, friends!
Fake smiles but I was really loving life spending time with my massive family on Christmas.

Kaimana & Kainoa bought me Influence. Now I can really aspire to be as fabulous as M-K+A. I'm waiting for the perfect moment of peace, quiet, and chai to open it up and let fashion magic unfold. I received so many amazing gifts from family and friends, one including a Christmas surf session at my favorite break, Chuns. I am so blessed!

Aside from fantastic Chrismasing and holiday cheer, I'm attempting to catch up on edits and updates @ I posted a new story, please check it.

Can't wait to continue adventuring and twerkin' this winter.

xoxo B

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Rambles.

4:54 pm Hawaiian Time. Happy Birthday Kainoa Beardnard.

Ironic: The moment I get a blog, I have nothing interesting to say.

But this is what I do want to say:
My outfit on the drive to Vegas was magniffffficentttt.

Yeaaa girls, das wassup. Cheetah print will NEVA die in my book!
That entire work-vacay was ridickalous. I've never drank so many Venti Non-Fat 1Pump Vanilla Iced Chais via Suckbucks than in Vegas. I still don't understand all the hype about that sad place. But maybe it's because we worked 12 hour days and only had enough time to laugh in our sleep at Conan O'Brien before we had to wake up and do it over again. Tradeshow season is here, folks.

See, I told you how passionate we are about Cheetah.

I'm going back to California in 3 weeks, I'm excited (and only because I want to see my Sheaface and friends). I'll be working yet again, this time enjoying a new job and new company! Life is so exciting, I feel so blessed to have met so many amazing and talented people in the industry who have taught me enough to get by on my own.

By the way, my soul sista Alana and I (and her mini weiner dog, Vienna) ate lunch at Irifune on Kapahulu Avenue. I've eaten dinner there many-a-time but enjoyed lunch specials there for the first time. Ooo my, I wish I would have taken a photo of my fabulous Garlic Ahi Fried Rice but I devoured it too quickly. Did I mention that Vienna was wearing a little reindeer costume as she cruised in her LV doggie bag so patiently? Love her!

Off to barbeque and celebrate birthdays and holidays!
Hawai'i is so amazing.

xoxo B

p.s. I die for Erin Wasson's bedroom. Aaathankyou.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Michelle V.: black and white

Here is one of my muses, Michelle V. @ Jet Set Models.
She is just fabulous, isn't she? If you happen to work for Vic's Secret, book her!

Today it's raining again, but we're going to embark on a massive slip'n'slide session followed by a mandatory jacuzzi relaxation session. I'm glad my house didn't float away, and my best wishes go out to those whose did. =(

xoxo B

p.s. Shot photos with Anuhea Jenkins today, a talented songwriter and performer. She is adorable. I can't wait to show you all.
Check out her music: