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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Michelle V.: black and white

Here is one of my muses, Michelle V. @ Jet Set Models.
She is just fabulous, isn't she? If you happen to work for Vic's Secret, book her!

Today it's raining again, but we're going to embark on a massive slip'n'slide session followed by a mandatory jacuzzi relaxation session. I'm glad my house didn't float away, and my best wishes go out to those whose did. =(

xoxo B

p.s. Shot photos with Anuhea Jenkins today, a talented songwriter and performer. She is adorable. I can't wait to show you all.
Check out her music:


  1. Hey girl, welcome to blogger! Yeay! Michelle looks gorgeous, as usual! I think that she looks best behind your lenses... I saw her in the Billabong lookbook and it didn't really look like her. You should shoot for them!!! :) Have a great Sunday!

  2. Yay Hawai'i blogger :)
    Glad to hear you didn't get too waterlogged up there.

  3. Hey there! Beautiful photos...great tonality and the rim light adds a nice touch. She definitely has that Adriana look about her. Keep up the bloggin...i'll be back! =)

    -Toby C.