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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Close Quarters

I know that I've been saying for a very long time that I'm moving,
well now it's official and our move date is OFFICIALLY SEPT. 1!

So now that it's a legitimate move I can obsessively creep blogs +
photos, searching for ideas about how I'm going to make my new
diggz both cozy and creative so that I stay inspired and motivated.

I've been following The Selby for quite some time now, always
getting real "J" of them apartments/houses. It's really great for pumpin
me up to decorate, though:

[ This look will be attainable thanks to ]

[ Very excited to set up my new screen press, too. ]

[ Yes, please?? xx ]

. . . Oo wait, this house is supposed to be uni-sex? Freck.



Natalia is the perfect model to sketch from. She is a doe-eyed beauty.
I can never get enough of her.

[forgive me, I no longer own a legitimate scanner, again, my iphone and
Camera Bag app save the day.]

I'd probably wiz my pants if I ever got this close to her:

[ photo: Vincent Peters - ]
I've discovered so many amazing photographs by this man,
very inspirational work and natural portraiture.

xoxo B

EDIT: 4:52pm >> inspiration of the day

I can definitely appreciate great makeup and color harmony,
these photos really got me excited about art+expression.

source: ecstasy_lover @ livejournal

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Camera Happy Summer

Hawai'i is just so photogenic in July.

These are my favorite little guys. When I see them parked @ Pupukea
Foodland I can't help but pet them til their owner gets back to the truck.

The sunsets have been so beautiful and all so different.
Thank God for iphones. I've been able to capture so many great summer moments!

And who can ask for a better post-surf meal after a long day in town??
Pa'ina Cafe in Ward Warehouse is mops. F'real.

I'm in California right now, breaking the bank @ UrbanOutfitters and stuff like that.
I deserve it, we don't have that glorious store on the island. I've been tired of drooling
at all of the beautiful clothes in their online store, it was so nice to stroll into an actual
door solo and spend an hour picking my favorite pieces. And who doesn't need 99cent
owl candles? I know they'd sure look adorable in my new place! =)

Be back on O'ahu in 9 days ... can't wait, going to finish out the summer strong!
The flu completely laid me out for over a week, I'm ready to ADVENTURE!

xo B

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Erin Wasson: all-time faves

Erin Wasson is glorious in editorial. Here are a few of my favorite scans:

source | herfamedgoodlooks

Old Polaroids

Dug these up on an old pen drive...made me smile =)

xo B