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Friday, August 21, 2009

So Frond of You

Serendipity happens at photoshoots when you let go of your expectations and let the art organically come together. A palm frond, some gorgeous girls in the sand, a Hawaiian sunset. You can't do wrong.

Models: Brook P. @ Wilhelmina | Michelle V. @ IMG Models

xoxo B

Thursday, August 20, 2009


My favourite photo from my shoot with Guava Shop.
Makeup: Lena Hanson
Dress: Indah
Model: Nikki Hulme

One more:

More here: <3
Give Love.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Early 90s Editorials

Here are a few editorial scans from the nineties that make me go: Swoon

[ by: gilles bensimon ]

[ by: uli rose ]

Aren't they just FABULOUS? Film is glorious.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Contrast Magazine Outtakes

from Contrast Magazine . [ online version ]

Here are a few outtakes from the shoot.
I will be adding bigger versions to my website soon.
Such a great concept, tons of helpful Hawaiians willing to let us into their homes, gorgeous ethnically-diverse models, flawless makeup, fun and edgy wardrobe. I couldn't have asked for more. This fashion spread will go to press SOON. I'm so excited to see my work in print! Agh!
Love you Contrast'ers. Too too much. xoOxX

P.S. Check more behind-the-scenes Polaroids from my girl Cassy.

[ Me & makeup artist Lena Hanson ]

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Outtakes: Black Indah Poncho

1:31pm on Saturday
First Friday in Chinatown, Honolulu was AMAZING. My friend Daniel's bar, SOHO was raging with industry people and tons and tons of gorgeous Hawai'i faces. I died.

Before venturing out to town, Lena, Nikki & I embarked on a fabulous photoshoot with wardrobe provided by Guava Shop in Haleiwa, Hawai'i. My friends (and owners of Guava) Liz and Kai were generous enough to collaborate with us and provide us with gorgeous pieces from their quaint boutique in Haleiwa Town. Most of the looks I pulled were made by Indah, and God were they exquisite!!

I haven't finished editing the shots yet, but I decided to post these outtakes because the way the wind and poncho interacted was glorious! My model Nikki is to DIE for.
She is unsigned ... someone pick her up!

xoxo B

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


929pm, Sex & the City on tv.
Found a ton new blogs to stalk.
SRC783 - Studded Hearts - July-Stars - etc.etc.etc.
It makes me happy that I can instantaneously add them to the RSS feed reader
app on my iPhone.
Stalking-on-the-go is now at my fingertips.

While checking out some blogs today, I stumbled across some amazing illustrations:

[ and my personal fave ... ]


And to make myself useful tonight, I've volunteered my old Urban Outfitter
catalogs and shoeboxes to become another man's treasure. They will help me
organize my desk supplies or house my coloured pencils, either way it's better
than being stuck in a landfill for eternity.

[ scored these boots @ a thrift store for $7, L O V E ]

& I'll end on this note: (I'm not sure where I got this, but it's stunning)