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Saturday, October 31, 2009

This is Why

"Who and what are the ragamuffins?
The unsung assembly of saved sinners who are little in their own sight, conscious of their brokenness and powerlessness before God, and who cast themselves on his mercy. Startled by the extravagant love of God, they do not require success, fame, wealth, or power to validate thei...r wealth. Their spirit transcends all distinctions between the powerful and powerless, educated and illiterate, billionaires and bag ladies, high-tech geeks and low-tech nerds, males and females, the circus and the sanctuary"
- Brennan Manning, Ruthless Trust

I love the Lord with all my heart, but I am a ragamuffin.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hedi Slimane + Nata V.

Equals A Good Look.

Pfft, no one rivals NataV.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Living in a Tree

My uncle shared this song/video with me the other day, and since then I haven't been able to get the last harmonies out of my head!
Such a great catchy tune ... I want to live in a tree. I'm afraid of the world, it is ruthless.

Time to jam again.
Weentiff? Save me?
Singing makes me happy.

xoxo B

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shaka to yo Madda


I had the pleasure of working with in4mant Jun Jo & Aloha Army team rider Kapu Ping on a mini photoshoot to show off their new collab shorts.

Click HERE to visit Jun's original post on
So stoked to be a part of this!!

Aloha, B

P.S. Go pick up some of this shaka gear @ Aloha Army on Lewers St. in Waikiki!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Contrast Magazine: Issue #02

[ So I like to use my blog to expose & promote other people as well; talented friends & the talented unknown ... it's a small big world out there. ]

My friends over @ Contrast Magazine did it again! They just launched their 'Downtown' issue about Honolulu & it sure is outstanding. They do such a great job on the mag & are representing Hawai'i well. =)
I was honored to contribute photos for their 'Morning After' fashion editorial featuring men's t-shirts. The editorial turned out great, it's so rad to see my photos in print! I love the texture!

I don't typically post Going-Out photos, but Contrast Magazine's event in Chinatown was worth the long drive from the North Shore & worth the documentation! Plus, I got my babe to come out and have some beers with everyone -- this is a big deal. =P

One of my spreads featuring model Nikki Hulme (who also moved far away).
Makeup: Lena Hanson

Have you heard this girl? Kimie (pronounced Kimi-ay) Miner.
Her all new website is coming soon: <3

& this girl ... Anuhea Jenkins. She dropped her first album this year!
Go pick it up @ Borders!!

My main Manangs ... Lena & Alana

My babe and I ... omg, his smile. I swoon.

Perhaps maybe one of the most hardworking, amazing women I know!

So there's this new company ... Paulele ... and this guy Fred Booth is behind it.
Go pick it up @ WRV and Aloha Army. He's rad!

Kay. So Hawai'i is officially a sick place to call home.
xoxo B

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Falling again

It's so refreshing to rendezvous with LOVE again; real life Love
I looked at him with new eyes yesterday & believed that the universe had us for each other once again. I still get lost in those big, wandering green eyes.

We're in a new home now ... it's the beginning of the rest of our lives.
I n s a n e .


Monday, October 12, 2009

Musing with Michelle

Before my lady Michelle Vawer decided to move far, far away from the islands to NYC, she mused around in front of my camera frequently. This shoot is nearly a year old, but I had forgotten to post it with a fabulous video that my friend Peter King shot.

Song: Warwick Avenue by Duffy


Friday, October 9, 2009

Fresh Fruit

It's ALOHA Friday, no work til Monday!

I s l a n d • I n s p i r e d photos featuring I s l a n d girls in a classy execution make me absolutely swoon. Living in Hawai'i continually amazes me & humbles me to no extent.
I GET TO LIVE HERE? and I get to meet & know amazing people on these tiny islands?

God loves Hawai'i. It's God's country.

And because we're both from this outrageously gorgeous island chain,
I heart Tori Praver.
I'm not sure who shot these, or what they were used for but I'm in love with the lighting & the wide open exposures.
She has such a precious face but so much island edge.

Off for a surf now ... Love this land.

xoxo B

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brooklyn Hawaii x MB inc.

Matt, you're such a blast.
Holly's makeup skills are tested flawless.
Mahina, you have the most ridonk face in all the land.


\\ //


Saturday, October 3, 2009


Didn't know Scarlett had it in her -- I used to be a fan, now I'm a MAJOR fan.
Love her and her old soul.

xoxo B

P.S.- Super rad endeavors on the horizon, don't even know how RAD and vast God's presence is. I'm a vapor.