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Friday, October 23, 2009

Contrast Magazine: Issue #02

[ So I like to use my blog to expose & promote other people as well; talented friends & the talented unknown ... it's a small big world out there. ]

My friends over @ Contrast Magazine did it again! They just launched their 'Downtown' issue about Honolulu & it sure is outstanding. They do such a great job on the mag & are representing Hawai'i well. =)
I was honored to contribute photos for their 'Morning After' fashion editorial featuring men's t-shirts. The editorial turned out great, it's so rad to see my photos in print! I love the texture!

I don't typically post Going-Out photos, but Contrast Magazine's event in Chinatown was worth the long drive from the North Shore & worth the documentation! Plus, I got my babe to come out and have some beers with everyone -- this is a big deal. =P

One of my spreads featuring model Nikki Hulme (who also moved far away).
Makeup: Lena Hanson

Have you heard this girl? Kimie (pronounced Kimi-ay) Miner.
Her all new website is coming soon: <3

& this girl ... Anuhea Jenkins. She dropped her first album this year!
Go pick it up @ Borders!!

My main Manangs ... Lena & Alana

My babe and I ... omg, his smile. I swoon.

Perhaps maybe one of the most hardworking, amazing women I know!

So there's this new company ... Paulele ... and this guy Fred Booth is behind it.
Go pick it up @ WRV and Aloha Army. He's rad!

Kay. So Hawai'i is officially a sick place to call home.
xoxo B


  1. forgot to tell you that night that your pics looked so hot in the mag! i really loved the grainy-ness and texture of paper, too! such a beautiful, talented girl, you are!!

  2. Thank you madam!
    Was fabulous seeing you for 1 second that night =)

    How is everything? Do you have facebook? I don't think we're friends on there!! =(