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Monday, February 8, 2010

O, to see it with my own eyes !

My beau got Beyonce's memo !! Black coral / gold engagement ring. I said I didn't want a diamond. Said I wanted a big/clunky/vintage ring with MEANING. Eeep, he did a fabulous job !!

My current obsession, passionately persuasive percussions !!

Mondays are quite productive, especially with my new 13" MacBook Pro in hand. I am indeed saddened at the death of my little white MacBook; pre fancy photobooth -- but luckily them geniuses were able to salvage almost everything !

Life is exciting in 2010 ... I feel lots of transitions coming soon; dream-chasing and such. Cheap thrills. Feathers flying. Fine lines between real and surreal. God is going to orchestrate something gorgeous for each of us, and whether we admit it or not, He is amongst the good and the difficult. Everything is falling into place, it's amazing to witness.

xoxo, B


  1. That ring is wonderful lady! Congrats!

  2. Thank you so much !!
    and thank you for always reading, it's a blessing!

  3. Ummm. WOW. Dreams really do come true.. huh? You're definitely living in a dream world. You want to know something funny? I was thinking about you the other day and being married to Kaiwi. Then it got me thinking how the whole engagement would go down. I'm weird, I know. Don't worry, it was only a brief thought. So.. now I gotta know how it went dizzown!

  4. yay for weddings!!! congrats you guys.

  5. Hahaha Tara ... you mindreader.
    Yeah, he actually proposed 2 weeks ago but I hadn't really told anyone yet. =) You are too funny: "it was only a brief thought" ...don't lie. Hahaha jk.

    Thanks John, appreciate it !! =)

  6. Oh my gosh, CONGRATULATIONS, BROOKE! I am so happy for you! The ring is gorgeous! You are going to make the most beautiful bride! xoxo!

  7. YAY thank you Cassy + Sindy !!

    Cassy, I miss you.