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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Very Own Room!


Just home from a mellow day of work, with a pit stop @ TARGET! I have to say, I went there with nothing particular to purchase, just curious to see if the Targets here compare to the ones I used to live at in Costa Mesa. =) Let's just say that Tarjeh most certainly did not let a sista down, I got a curling iron on sale and a bunch of cleaning supplies I'll be needing to make our little studio spic&span when we move out into our 2 bdrm GETAWAY!!

I'm soo soo excited to move. Two Bedroom = One room for me, One room for BF. Is that weird? I haven't been able to stop thinking about how I'm going to decorate!!

Leave it to for Outstanding Decorating idears:

(Really? I basically need to go make this stat.)

(This one's a given considering my mama's house is littered with vintage fabric.)

(Hahahaha yes please, allow me to be even more lazy in life.)

(I'd probably never do this, but cider jugs as greenhouses? Adorbz!!)

(And it'll give me an excuse to spend money on Slide Film? I'm in!)

Can I please move already? I'm so pumped!!!

xoxo B


  1. ummm im dying over these pictures. right click, save.